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Senarai Top 10 Berita / Newspaper Online Di Malaysia 2019

Semakin banyak masyarakat atau komuniti dibangunkan, lebih banyak cara komunikasi diperlukan. Antara cara komunikasi adala suratkhabar. Suratkhabar memainkan peranan penting dalam kehidupan kita kerana melalui suratkhabar kita tahu apa yang berlaku melalui berita pada kawasan setempat, dalam negara atau di dunia. Akan tetapi, pada zaman kini. Kebanyakkan syarikat suratkhabar ini mengalami masalah jualan akhbar mereka

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The Only Guide To Boost Sales On Ecommerce Website

Table of Contents What would be great if someone guides you by the hand to increase sales on ecommerce website?1. Add specific product title2. Quality product images3. Stellar product description copy4. Customer reviews5. Clear, prominent call to action6. Add shopping cart content7. Offer multiple payment options8. Add live chat plugin What would be great if someone

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This 9 Awful SEO Mistakes Big Ecommerce Websites Make

Table of Contents Keyword StuffingDuplicating ContentManufacturer’s Product DescriptionNo Outstanding ContentPoor URL StructureFaceted Navigation ProblemsAssigning To One Category OnlyLack of Product ReviewsNeglect Link Building Practise Now you are just finished off listing hundreds of products on your e-commerce website. Yay! It’s time to sit back, relax and see traffic floods your website. Duh, it never happens

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The Great Copywriting Hoax Everyone Believes

“Copywriting are all come from your head, dude,” they said to me.   Some people are religiously believed copywriting is a gift from God. It descends from Heaven and pass down from generations to generations of mighty wordsmiths who work in this industry. Business owners or even marketers believe this too. Just because they created

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