B2B Company


Client: B2B company

Goal: To improve website ranking on Google.

Problem: The client’s website was not optimized for search engine optimization, resulting missing opportunities to acquire organic traffic from Google’s search result.

Solution: Our team of SEO specialists provided a tailored SEO strategy by improving the client’s website structure, implemented content marketing and link building strategy.

100% First ranking in 5 months

1500% Increase in web traffic

178% Increase in page views

5% Decrease in bounce rate

Keyword Ranking

Our client had received an enormous surge in organic traffic as their their website moved from 51th position to first position in 5 months.

  • Received fresh leads consistently from Google
  • Solid position on the first page of Google
  • The search query for the targeted keyword landed on the client's website

Organic Search Results

We started the SEO strategy and web development work on April 2018 and resulted in a whopping 1500 new website visitors in just 5 months. Prior to this, the website was hardly found by the relevant visitors.

  • Having unexpected enquiries from search queries
  • Avalanches of enquiries clients can't cope
  • Numerous orders come without ads