Ecommerce Company


Client: An e-commerce company

Goal: Increase Return On Advertising Spend (ROAS) 

Problem: ROAS was too low.

Solution: As ROAS is related to revenue and ROI, we decided to optimize the client’s Facebook Ads campaign.

261% Increase in ROAS

193% Increase in website traffic

43% Increase in repeat order

56% Increase in average order value

Remarkable Facebook Ads Campaign

We had instant success achieving a significant lift in sales and profit for the client as the ROAS increased from 5.89 to 15.38.

  • Immediate and consistent traffic to the website
  • Accurately targeted and tested ads
  • Boost online sales through well-crafted website funnels


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make sure the bank account is registered in the name of Bomstart Media Sdn Bhd.