Social Media Engagement: 5 Guides for Beginner Digital Marketers

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Social media engagement can be perceived as a welcoming party where the host creates a meaningful connection with its guests. 

In many successful businesses today, an impactful engagement can be seen when a brand’s audience is actively involved with its content. 

What is Social Media Engagement?


Superficially, social media engagement is the interaction between business owners and their consumers. 

A thorough definition encapsulates various actions that can be measured by the number of likes, comments, and public shares a content receives.  

However, bear in mind that a successful engagement is not solely reliant on your brand’s popularity. 

It is highly crucial to take engagement metrics into consideration if a) you wish to retain your consumer’s loyalty, or b) increase their intent to buy your products. 

And with higher engagement comes higher prospects (AKA higher visibility). 

Imagine you invite a bunch of people to a welcoming party. The food is great, and the music blasting through the boombox is topnotch. 

Everyone comes to the party, but they all sit in silence. No conversing, no dancing, and most significantly, no engaging. 

Are the guests not having fun? Or is it your party that lacks fun?

Essentially, your social media engagement grows when a person interacts with your account in various ways. 

5 Ways to Increase Social Media Engagement


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Here’s a hard pill to swallow: people won’t engage with your account if you’re only sitting around and crossing your fingers.

They need a little encouragement to interact with your content. 

Therefore, strategise your game plan. 

1. Know your audience

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There is never a one-size-fits-all content. 

Getting people to engage with no one particular in mind can be tough. 

The type of tone, language, and necessities that need to be addressed would definitely be different for a tobacco company and art supplies shop, no?

Identifying your audience also helps you to determine:

  • brand voice
  • social media platform to publish content
  • the type of content 

2. Be a person, not a robot

It’s more appealing to engage with conversation-like rather than static content. 

Get on a personal level with your audience. Make them feel like they are interacting with an actual person. 

There are many ways to get personal besides addressing them by their name:

  • entertain questions and answers
  • respond to comments

3. Keep a consistent and authentic voice

Determine your brand’s personality and then articulate who you are. 

Your brand voice needs to be coherent with its promise. 

Take Nike, for example. It has an encouraging, competitive, and inspiring personality. 

If Nike were a person, it would be an exciting and spirited person. 

The brand does not only persuade you to buy their products, but also encourages you to be healthier and better. 

4. Share valuable content

Once you’ve identified your audience, it’s time to figure out how to leave an imprint on them. 

A meaningful content integrates the needs and desires of your audience. 

If you’re only telling them about how great your brand is and keeping them informed of the items on sale, it’s going to be hard connecting with them on an emotional level. 

For a cosmetics company, posting your makeup products can only get you so far. 

However, posting makeup tutorials showcases your wisdom to help your audience out.  

5. Schedule your content

It is ideally important to be active on your social media sites to keep your content updated.  

Posting your content at the right time of the day is fundamental too. 

Having said that, your content scheduling has to be at the top of your game in order to maximise your audience’s exposure. 

Take some time weekly to plan and prep your content in advance. Divide your time between creating and scheduling posts, and responding to your audience. 

This way, your audience is more aware of when they need to take certain actions to engage with your content. 



To reiterate, the way to increase your social media engagement is by being ‘social’ on your platforms. 

When you put in time and concern for your audience, it’s important to get it right back. 

So show them that they matter, really matter to you. 

Need help with your social media engagement? We’ve got you covered!


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