FB Ads Library: How Does It Improve Your Advertising?

fb ads library

Do you know that copywriting for social media and advertisements is important? It will connect with the audience because it is written clearly, simple and with a conversational tone that easily conveys a brand message to gain customer attention.

In the current digital era, successful online marketing is crucial for companies looking to connect with their target markets. Facebook Ads is one of the most successful tools in a marketer’s toolbox since it enables companies to precisely target demographics and assess the success of their campaigns.

Facebook launched the Facebook Ads Library, a potent tool for advertisers, researchers, and SEO specialists alike, to improve the openness of digital advertising and give users useful insights.

Copywriting will be given in order to persuade readers to take some action to your business sales. You are trying to convince the prospective customer that it is worth buying.

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What Is FB Ads Library?

fb ads library

The Ads Library is a place where you find and search for ads that are running across Meta Product. From there, you can use the information about the ads you see!

Creative content provided must be suitable for mobile screen and desktop view. 

In FB Ads Library, you can find everything and from there you are able to collect successful Facebook ads.  Other than that, it can provide inspiration and give understanding of your audience exposed to.

Benefits FB Ads Library for Marketer


1. Look for Competitor Ads

At this platform, you can see all ads of the other brands or competitors running. You can see whether they are running or not, when and where they are running and how they approached in their messages.

2. Search Other Ads in Your Region 

Facebook Ad Library is the best because it can filter ads by region. From here, you can directly see your competitors promote their products to their selected target audience. 

3. Use Filter to Search Specific Media Types

fb ads library

Not to forget, in ads library, you can filter multiple ads by various categories. 

In media type, you can narrow your search by the type of media you only want to see. Such as images, memes, videos and so on.

You also can filter by date. Set a date between 1 to 2 months in order to see others ads running. 

Make full use of filters so that marketers are able to improve their own campaign.

4. Improve Creative Copywriting and Picture

fb ads library

Fb ads library provides various types of media and copywriting. 

By search on specific topic, marketer can gain ideas and inspiration by looking at various copywriting and pictures, 

Marketers can utilize everything and can apply it for their campaign.

Creative plays important roles because it will give a strong visual impact to hook viewers. 

Essential Element in Advertisement


1. Headline


Basically, the average length for a Facebook ad heading is just 5 words.

In order to convince visitors to click your ad, you need an outstanding headline that highlights your unique value proposition. 

Include this in the ad headline will let prospects know what is different and special about your product or service compared to competitors. 

2. Hook


First 3 to 5 seconds of your video is the most significant aspect of your advertisement. 

Changing only the opening three seconds of your creative may have a significant influence on its success. 

The purpose of the hook is to make the target audience stop scrolling and read our ads in the news feed. 

Hook is not only to attract attention and interest, but it also has to make the target audience want to know more about the ads.

3. Offer


Offering value may sometimes build a feeling of urgency in your consumers. When this occurs, attempt to sustain consumer engagement in methods that maintain high customer value.

Customers are accustomed to the value they receive, particularly from established firms.

You can use word “Discount”, “Offer”, “Sale”

4. Images/Videos


Creative can be a poster or video. Before launching Facebook Ads, you must make sure that your copywriting and ad images call out the right audience. 

Most importantly, it must amaze and captivate the prospect. Make them feel excited to know more and get your product.

5. CTA


This is the important part where the marketer wants the customer to take. The Call-To-Action (CTA) may be linked directly to sales. 

For example, you will see “Buy Now” or “Download Now”. 

However, a CTA might be lengthier, such as “Subscribe today so you never miss an article.” The options are limitless and use your creativity to attract an audience. 

A solid CTA may alleviate choice fatigue and give your content purpose.

In conclusion, FB ads library is amazing for marketers because it stores various information.

It is a free tool that allows marketers to search and view any active or inactive ads running on Facebook and Instagram.

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