Website Revamp: Why Is It Important For Your Business?

The Internet is open with limitless possibilities for your company to expand into a global brand. This is why website revamp is such a valuable investment to cash in on your business. 

It’s vital to keep a business website in a great condition to stay relevant and not fall behind competitors.

Yes, it is as important as keeping your car in good shape. 

If you are not sure your website really needs a revamp yet, take some time to read this article to see the points to consider a website revamp.

When To Revamp Your Website

Website does not remain the same forever.

Thus, it is your duty to keep your website pleasant.

Here’s a sign when your website needs to be revamp.

Your website is slow or facing technical issues

Browse to the website of your business. Then, answer below questions is it…

  • Taking a longer time for pages to load? 
  • True that the overall page takes a few seconds to appear? 
  • Your website’s mobile and desktop experience lacking?

If your answer is yes to any of them, you should be worried.

Why? Because you just have a few seconds to keep visitors’ attention before they become impatient.

A slow-loading website can significantly reduce the number of people who visit your site.

Your digital goals and conversion needs have changed

If your sales or marketing goals have changed, your website’s techniques for generating and converting visitors into customers should adapt as well.

Your bounce rate is high

If your visitors can’t find a response to their inquiry quickly, they’ll go somewhere else.

Losing you a client, a sale, or a future research grant.

The bounce rate of your website refers to the number of users who visit your site and then leave quickly.

High number of bounce rate is a bad sign. 

Users aren’t sticking around on your site, and they aren’t converting into customers.

Your website is visually outdated

If your company’s website was built a few years ago or if you worked with a less skilled web designer at the time, probably it’s that your site is out of date in terms of presentable web design.

An out of date website can be aggravating, especially when poor design begins to threaten your company’s credibility.

Business has expanded or gone through a period of growth 

If your company has gone through a significant period of expansion or growth, you’ll need to update your website.

It is to represent your current brand and size of organization. 

Most organizations should consider revamp their website every 1.5 to 2.5 years, according to industry experts.

The reason is to keep up to date with design trends and maintain a website followed with a company’s growth.

6 Benefits of Website Revamp

Now that we’ve stated why you should revamp your website, let’s look at the incredible benefits of doing so.

  1. Enhance user experience

Improving the UX entails highlighting vital material, building sensible navigational structures, and providing users with distinct features.

Your visitors will gain a better experience if you have a clean, professional website that delivers a brief user path with clear message and calls-to-action.

Bounce rates are also reduced and retention is increased when the user experience is improved. 

It’s necessary to provide your customers with a delightful web platform that they will enjoy. 

  1. Optimized SEO and site performance

A revamp is an ideal chance to fix any SEO deficiencies and bring your site up to date with current SEO best practices. 

You can have the most beautiful and dynamic website in the world, but if it isn’t optimized for search engines and people can’t discover it, what’s the point of it all? 

The more frequently you produce well-written, unique, and useful material, the more likely you are to see good outcomes and a rise in your page rankings in search engine results pages.

  1. Rise brand perception 

When applying revamp, it shows that rather than remain stagnant, your business is dedicated to improving and growing the brand.

It could help your brand become more relatable to your intended audience.

  1. Boost conversions and sales

In keeping with your digital marketing strategy, a website revamp helps to identify and increase your sales conversions.

This will be included in your UX makeover and will point out areas where customers may be leaving, such as unnecessarily complicated forms, too many clicks, or convoluted checkout processes.

When your website is appealing and easier to navigate, visitors will have a pleasant experience and end up making a purchase. 

  1. Upgrade content management and functionality

Technology and trends change, therefore it’s critical to provide your visitors with useful features.

Revamp your website allows you to thoroughly examine the existing functionality it offers, both for users and for the business.

It allows you to effortlessly and seamlessly manage the contents of your website, ensuring that it is constantly fresh and up to date.

  1. Ensure website is secure

Customers will expect that making a purchase on your e-commerce website is safe, and that their credit card information isn’t exposed to any risk. 

Then it’s a question of brand perception and trust. 

It’s not only about security when it comes to making sure your new site is secure and up to date; it’s also about SEO and brand perception.

Website Revamp VS Website Redesign 

Don’t get confused between website revamp and website redesign because both work for different purposes. 

A website revamp involves creating improvements to your website’s existing structure. 

A website redesign, on the other hand, essentially involves completely overhauling the site structure with better features.

Let’s take a look at both approaches and see which one is best for you.


Website revamp is cheaper than website redesign due to narrow scope of work. It is an affordable solution if the website needs updating but has a limited budget for whole change. 

Time Needed

Generally, website redesign takes longer time to implement than website revamp because it involves complete overhaul.

Content Structure

Website redesign will likely build new web content layout and change themes based on your preferences. It is a great option when you want to relaunch your business. 

Website revamp does not change but upgrading the content management system (CMS). It’s a good idea if you want to maintain your website familiar to your visitors.

Software Used

Website revamp uses a CMS system with web builder tools. 

Website redesign uses software from Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop, CMS and HTML. 

In conclusion, either website revamp or website redesign both will bail out your brand by giving the chance to step back and putting a best foot forward. 

Though it sounds challenging since it requires a new angle to stay relevant, it’s actually more difficult if you have an ineffective website. 

Therefore, it is highly recommended to consider those options to make sure your website operates at its best. 

Remember that a website will represent your company in the eyes of customers. 

If you’re feeling confused at the thought of having out which options, our team at Bomstart Media is here to assist you! 

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