23 Profitable Business Opportunities in Malaysia You Probably Never Heard Before

business opportunities in malaysia

Are you looking for the business opportunities in Malaysia?

There are several business ideas which are making money now, and you can ride the wave without thinking too much about what business you can start.

We will cover the business’ uniqueness, risks involved and starting capital.

Let’s dive right in.

23 Business Opportunities in Malaysia

1. Fashion

Cloud Omnichannel Platform Fashion Retail | Openbravo

Malaysians love fashion just like any other countries. It is undeniable many are concerned and are very much conscious about dressing well.

There are always opportunities for new investors to come up with a new style of fashion despite the fact that there are already plenty of fashion brands and outlets out there.

In Malaysia, in order to run a fashion business, you might want to consider the local fashion which has its own significance.

Having the knowledge on the country’s local fashion could help you to strategise your business.

Getting into this field can be the top small business opportunity in Malaysia in 2020.

2. Sell on Facebook or Instagram

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At a low cost, you can reach a large and engaged audience. These platforms are the best converting platforms for selling products.

To make money and gain profit, you can sell you products through the platform.

It is convenient if you have a large following on social media. If not, you should spend some time to build the following.

One of the main benefits having a large following, even if you don’t sell products directly to customers, you can also help other people promote their products for a fee.

3. Sell on Online Marketplaces

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Nowadays, there are plenty of online marketplaces which provide opportunities for people to do online shopping.

Selling on platforms such as Lazada and Shopee allows you to make a profit.

It is one of the lowest cost methods to start a business.

4. Social Media Consultant

business opportunities in malaysia as consultants

Many companies are keen to improve their social media presence. They are looking for people who are well versed in social media.

If you have the knowledge and skills to become an expert, you should look for this kind of business opportunities.

5. Editorial

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There are services such as copyediting, proofreading, copywriting and many more. You can earn money by using your writing skill.

There are several editorial services you can provide without any initial monetary investment.

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6. Online Hotel Booking Business

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Malaysia is a beautiful country with plenty of great attractions. The online business of hotel booking has its own significance.

With some partnerships and links with some hotels, you can start. Payments will be on their terms and conditions.

7. Smartphone and Personal Computer Repairing Startup

PC & laptop repair services at Midland Computers, Athlone

If you have a skill to repair devices, you have an incredible opportunity to start your own business!

There are a lot of people out there want their faulty devices to get repaired rather than being thrown away.

8. Airbnb Business

Rooms – DanStam Hotel

Airbnb is a popular choice among travellers. You can Airbnb your property to people to earn extra money.

You can make much more letting it out on Airbnb compared to renting it monthly or yearly basis.

9. Real Estate Business

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The demand for real estate is getting higher especially in high demand location such as Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Johor.

10. T-shirt Printing Business

T-Shirts – Bespoke Creations

T-shirts businesses is hugely popular and the demand is always increasing.

You will need to have t-shirt designs that people love and make sure the quality is good.

11. Mobile phone accessories business

Neon Sand Phone Case for iPhone | Liquid Glitter Purple Beach ...

This can be highly profitable but also highly competitive because people use smartphones nowadays.

To stand out beyond the rest, try to find a place with limited competition.

12. Photography Service

Luca, Author at PhotographyImproved

Being a photographer, with all the necessary skills, is an exciting prospect.

People always opt to hire a professional photography for big events which pay a huge amount of money per event.

13. F&B business

Cornflake Chicken Coating for Restaurants | Cornstarch Breading !!!

This takes time to grow because it is a competitive business.

You need to be creative operating this business to really differentiate you from your competitors.

You can always start small by taking orders from Facebook and do delivery services.

14. Food Truck Business

In contrast to owning a restaurant, food truck business requires a small team to run the business.

If you’re looking to expand your business, you can also move from one location to another to test the market demand.

15. Coway/Cuckoo Agent

Water Dispenser Model: TK-003

This requires you to be a water filter specialist.

These brands are popular in the country as there are many customers all over the country.

Make good use of your social media presence to attract customers.

16. Resume Writer

Not all people who are looking for jobs are good resume writers.

With your expertise in writing, you can make some solid money and also change someone’s life.

17. Life Coach

Psychiatry - Clarity Clinic

If you have a credential in psychology or psychiatry field, you could help people to deal with issues.

Clients expect you to show a solution to solve their problems. You are also getting money from the clients.

18. Commercial Car Dealer

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Believe it or not. You can now sell cars online.

There are people who have been successful doing cars business online by selling dozens of cars monthly.

19. Professional Services

Accountant - Bookkeeping Services | Ann Arbor | (734) 726-0046

Lots of businesses are emerging on small scales each day.

Business owners need the assistance of accountants and other professionals to manage their matters.

You can start earning money by offering the services.

20. Sales Script Writer

Events – Coach for IIT

This is a huge opportunity for you to help a business to grow.

Besides salespeople, every business needs cash generating sales scripts.

21. Health/Beauty Product Agent

One of the most profitable business in opportunities in Malaysia is selling health and beauty products.

Many people are self-conscious and constantly want to appear good-looking all the time.

This can be considered one of the most common online business idea in Malaysia.

The margin profit and marketability of this kind of business are the reasons why people get into the business.

22. Online Marketing Expert

business opportunities in malaysia as online marketing expert

Becoming an online marketing expert is for you if you have the skills and expertise.

You should be able to guide businesses how to turn their business into an unstoppable money machine.

23. Youtube Content Producer

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Malaysia online marketers make a lot of money from Youtube by producing viral-worthy videos.

Youtube will pay you if a video reaches a certain number of viewers. Besides that, you also get paid by reviewing products from businesses.


With this list, you can go through and assess your options on business opportunities in Malaysia.

There are tons of ways for you to earn money. You just have to have guts by exploring.

In Malaysia, there are always opportunities for you to make yourself some money and have a good life.

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