29 Easy Ways To Increase Conversion Rate For Your Website

Looking to increase conversion rate for your website? This is the article you must read.

What could possibly be the obstacle that is preventing your website visitors to purchase your products or services?

Lucky for you, we have the answers and also solutions to boost sales and leads for your website.

What Is Conversion Rate?

Increase Conversion Rate

Your website probably has a decent amount of visitors who aim to check out your products. 

However, out of all the visitors, how many actually buy from your site?

Conversion rate is a benchmarking tool that allows you to identify the progress of your business.

Visitors to your website carry the desired action like buying your products, membership registrations, and many more. 

The higher conversion rate indicates positive because your website manages to achieve the goals of turning your website visitors into customers.

Why Is Your Website Struggling With Conversion Rate?

Increase Conversion Rate

You must be wondering about the reasons why your business is not going well despite having a website for a long time.

There might be some issues with your website that you might not be aware of.

Here are several reasons why you’re struggling to increase your conversion rate.

Your website is not that convincing

Getting people to visit your website is already a hard task but getting them to buy your products is even harder.

In order to get them to be invested in your website, you need a clear, persuasive, and clear website copy.

You need to interact effectively with your visitors because it is essential to make them stay.

Hire a copywriter to help if you feel that you don’t have the techniques and enough knowledge. This can help to increase your website’s conversion rate.

Your website is vague or complicated

Your website visitors might be confused because your website is way too complicated for them.

They don’t know what are they looking for and what to do when visiting your website.

Eventually, this will cause them to immediately lose interest and leave your website.

Lack of social proof

It is a big ask for someone to put their trust in your products when there is no proof of anyone else using it.

They have never heard of your product, so, why would they buy it?

Hence, it is crucial to show that your products work through testimonials, videos, social media, and many more.

29 Ways To Increase Conversion Rate For Your Website

Increase Conversion Rate

Now, you want to increase your conversion rate for your website. Is it possible?

We have the ways that you can apply right after you read this article.

1.Include Fewer Form Fields

When asking for your visitors to fill in forms, only ask for the necessary information.

Asking for too much might just scare them away. 

2. Add Testimonials 

This provides social proof and your visitors might be convinced after reading testimonials.

They will be less worried about the credibility of your products. Eventually, there is a huge chance that they might be convinced. 

3. Add a Guarantee

Getting reassurance is exactly what people need.

When they buy something, they want to know that they are not taking any huge risks.

So, you should include a straightforward refund policy for all purchases. This could increase sales.

4. Use More Action Verbs

Increase Conversion Rate

The style of writing on your website should be like you are talking to your visitors.

Consider using phrases like “grab yours today”, “don’t miss this promotion”, “book a ticket”. 

5. Get Rid of Distractions

First impression matters. When people view your website for the first time, they already have an opinion.

Your website should be clear, straight to the point, and easy to navigate. Remove the sections which you think are irrelevant.

6. Be Clear About Your Products

When putting information about your products, make sure you put all the details that are important.

Visitors need to know exactly what are they getting for their own benefits.

7. Include Live Chat to Your Website

Increase Conversion Rate

If your potential customers have any concerns and questions, it is always helpful to have live chat tools.

This is sort of like customer service. When your visitors are clear about your products, they will want to buy.

8. Write Attention-Grabbing Headline

To have the best headline, you need to brainstorm every single possibility before making that decision.

A strong headline can make all the difference.

9. Web Copywriting

The aim of writing about your products is to convince visitors to become customers.

Hence, write clear and compelling content for your visitors.

10. Guide Your Visitors

You should let your readers know the next steps that they need to make on your website.

This can be done through click a button, fill out a form, read a blog.

11. Recommend Related Products

Visitors don’t usually go through a website just to check out one product.

By including links to related products, you can keep the visitors stay on your website.

12. Create Excitement For Your Visitors

You can get your visitors excited with good writing and excellent storytelling.

This is one of the effective ways to convince your visitors.

13. Work On Your CTA Button

The buttons on your website should be functioning up to its function.

Try to make the buttons interesting so that your visitors will want to click on them.

14. Use High-quality Images

Photos are undoubtedly crucial for your website. Bad photos will leave a bad impression on visitors.

Hence, we highly advise you to use high-quality photos to give the right message to your potential customers.

15. Include Contact Info

Increase Conversion Rate

Your visitors will know that they can trust you because they can reach out to you through phone calls or emails.

16. Don’t Require Registration To Buy

Try to make the process of buying as easy as possible. 

Visitors will feel like it is a burden for them to fill in a registration form. This could change their mind.

17. Experiment with different colour combinations

For your website, try to explore how the colours affect the mood of your visitors.

Make sure the colour is suitable for your products.

18. More Payment Options

Do not stick to one specific payment method because different people have different preferences.

Some people prefer online banking, some people prefer a bank transfer. You just have to provide them with options.

19. Give Visitors Tunnel Vision

Once your visitors are on your website, your visitors should know what to do.

As the owner, you should know what you want your visitors to do.

20. Use Landing Pages For Pay-per-click Ads 

Make sure that you send these visitors to specific landing pages dedicated to PPC.

So, don’t run ads and directed to your home page.

21. Put Your Business’ Social Media 

By doing this, your visitors can see your online presence. 

Your number of followers and your updates about your products could be the deciding factor.

22. Include Reviews 

The reviews that you will be getting will either be positive or negative.

People can easily be influenced by the reviews and they will likely make a purchase for products that have many positive reviews.

23. Use Pictures Showing Positive Emotions

It is believed that pictures that show people smiling or happy can result in a higher conversion rate.

24. Offer Discounts

If possible, you should give offers like free shipping or percent-off discount.

This will certainly raise the eyebrows of your visitors.

25. Ensure Your Audience Understand Your Content

You need to make your audience understand your writing. 

There is no point using bombastic words if it’s too complicated for readers to understand. 

So, make sure you know your audience’s preferences.

26. Price Match Guarantee

It is vital to keep your prices competitive. Your visitors will make comparisons for similar products from different platforms.

27. Include Personal Photo

For the visitors, it will be nice for them to know someone from the website.

As a result, this will create trust and confidence in your brand.

28. Include product stocks availability

This helps customers to check the availability of your products.

For example, “only 5 left in stock”. 

In a way, this can put a bit of pressure for them to buy their favourite products.

29. Your Visitors Should Know Exactly What They’re Getting

Put everything about your products.

Its features, benefits, functions, delivery, and all necessary details.


In conclusion, getting high conversion rate is not an impossible task.

Hence, you need to revise your website and make a few adjustments and repair the things that need to be fixed.

In time, hopefully, you will see your results improving.

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