ShopeeFood: How Does It Become A Benefit To The Working World in Malaysia?

Shopee once again has announced a thrilling new feature into the current market which is ShopeeFood. 

This feature is ultimately game-changing since the application is famously known as a part of e-commerce. 

Yet, it helps the users to please their cravings simply by ordering food from the nearby restaurants and shops.  

With this, we are witnessing tremendous digitalization of the food delivery sector these days on a single app.

Therefore, this article will explore more about ShopeeFood and its benefits to the working world in Malaysia. 

Shopee Background 

Shopee, one of Southeast Asia’s most preferred marketplaces, was founded in 2015 by the SEA group. 

Its headquarters in Singapore currently has operations in all six of Southeast Asia’s major countries namely Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, and Thailand. 

Its recognition among international customers has grown as a result of its social media presence and user-friendly languages. 

Not only that, the platform’s ease of use is luring more sellers to sell on it. 

Over the years, this popular e-commerce platform has risen and quickly dominated the Southeast Asian market.

5 Shopee Fun Features To Explore

Are you familiar with features in Shopee? Let’s explore five fun features you might have overlooked. 

Shopee Feed 

Shopee Feed is a feature that allows the sellers to upload posts on the platform. With this, they can create engagements with the buyers by viewing the uploaded posts. 

Shopee Games 

Shopee is an inclusive digital e-commerce platform. It provides mini games such as Shopee Farm, Shopee Bubble, and Shopee Go. 

These games are casual and fun to play during a short time break. It usually gives handsome rewards, for instance, discount, extra coins and free shipping. 

Shopee Live 

Another feature that is available at the virtual shopping platform is; Shopee Live. 

With this feature, users can watch live videos from sellers; be their favourite/ trusted sellers or bundle clothes sales. 

Shopee Live allows users to interact with the sellers. The action can be done by commenting during the live and asking questions regarding the products. 

Shopee Live Chat 

This feature allows both buyers and sellers to communicate directly on the platform. 


Introducing the most recent feature on Shopee; ShopeeFood. Similar to GrabFood and FoodPanda, it functions to ease the users to order food virtually. 

With just a few taps, you can select food outlets within a distance radius and simply choose your meal. 

Benefits of Having ShopeeFood

Let’s check out what are the amazing benefits of having ShopeeFood.

New opportunities for professional growth 

From a consumer’s perspective, we’ve seen how food delivery services will continue to be relevant.

Let’s take a look at this from a professional point of view. 

Food delivery services provide various work opportunities for professionals because they are in high demand and have a lot of space for growth even after the pandemic.

The pandemic has strengthened us as we acquire new ways to interact more effectively, and this trend will continue to emerge.

In addition, research and technological innovations have made it possible for ShopeeFood to continually search for new ways to improve the shopping experience of its users.

Fulfill the consumers’ needs and variety

Many restaurants have previously listed themselves on food delivery services, even before the pandemic, considering they know that users have a ravenous cravings for a range of dishes.

Food delivery services have made it easy for us to pick our next meal depending on our tastes.

For example, for people who have dietary restrictions. 

The ability to filter and search for foods that are particular to their dietary demands increases the availability of such meals through food delivery services.

Food options are expected to expand in variety and accessibility as a result of the increase of restaurant listings following the pandemic. 

For example, ShopeeFood always has sellers offering a wide variety of delicacies to satisfy their users.

Productivity for both pre and post-pandemic

Undoubtedly, food delivery services free up time that would otherwise be spent getting meals. 

This extra time can be used to focus on other aspects of our lives, such as work, personal interests, or even taking a break. 

Understandably, most of us want to make the most of our time, and this is a habit that must be maintained even after the pandemic has ended.

Furthermore, as the food delivery sector becomes more competitive, aggressive marketing has grown increasingly widespread. 

As a result, food delivery services have gotten more cost-effective over time. 

We believe that the incentive to use food delivery services will grow as customers realize that they can save more time while spending less money.

It is interesting that Shopee managed to expand its business that is beneficial to the users by offering interesting features.

Shopee application offers a wide range of services from daily essentials to food delivery services.

Therefore, it can conclude with only one app, Shopee can satisfy user needs and wants by broadening its services to another level.

ShopeeFood, for an instance, although it is relatively a new feature, international users have made good use of it. 

Regardless of the minor flaws that might happen, ShopeeFood still needs an ample amount of time to improve from time to time. 

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