TikTok Ads: A Powerful Digital Marketing Tool Leveraging Businesses In Malaysia

tiktok ads malaysia

Are you a business owner in Malaysia looking to a) increase revenue or b) raise brand awareness with Tiktok ads? This article has everything you need to know.

The blistering growth of TikTok is a great cognizance to digital marketers aiming to explore ads it offers. TikTok is dominating the digital landscape, toppling down other social media apps. 

Currently the hottest and most prominent platform on the planet, TikTok is an idiosyncratic, buoyant outlier of the social media universe with over 4 million active users in Malaysia alone. 

Even from the beginning, TikTok has been avant-garde with its paid media strategy and user experience leading to its triumph on mobile. 

If you’re looking to expand revenue, drive traffic to a website, or launch a new product, a well-planned TikTok campaign can contribute to amazing results. 

TikTok ads provide an incredible opportunity for both small and big businesses in Malaysia to widen their reach although their popularity is not equivalent to Facebook and Instagram ads (yet).  

And since many brands and businesses in Malaysia have not fully discovered the potentials of this platform, now is the perfect time for you to start using TikTok ads. 

So, here’s why it is an effective tool to help your business excel. 

Why Should You Advertise On TikTok?

Tiktok ads malaysia

1. Reasonable price tag

Initially, TikTok ad format came with a huge price tag and was specifically reserved for businesses aiming to invest big.

However, when auction ads were introduced, TikTok ads became more economical even for small businesses.

The app allows marketers to advertise with cost-effective budgets to target users with specific interests and demographics. 

2. High consumer engagement

Your allotment for advertising is only worthwhile if people use the online app regularly. That being said, it would be inadequate for them to merely visit it. 

With millions of active users spending hours on the app everyday, the engagement is sublime. 

But what actually makes TikTok so compelling?

The variety of content on TikTok is incredibly extensive that it has value for everyone. 

Whether you’re a big or a small brand aspiring to increase the visibility of your products or services, rest assured, there’s a place for you on TikTok. 

Truth is- people are sick of ads. They even use blockers to avoid them for a better browsing experience. 

However, since the engagement on TikTok is relatively high, advertisers are in a unique position to tailor-make their content to market consumer advocacy instead of direct marketing strategy. 

When the content makes users feel connected, they are more likely to respond to ads in a positive way.

At the end of the day, a non-intrusive advertising is what snatches victory from the jaws of defeat.

3. Possibility of going viral

One of the most thrilling truths about using TikTok ads for businesses is the convenient way of increasing your marketing reach. 

A great advertising video can go from zero to thousands of views (even millions!) within a day. 

But how?

Different from many other platforms, the authenticity of TikTok content brings a breath of fresh air to the social media realm. 

Users are illegitimately immersed in new content without having to follow specific users or search for content. 

TikTok collates content for its users and displays it on the For You page based on their interaction with videos. 

Consequently, they are able to discover remarkable content and your brand gets to amplify new audiences with minimal effort. 

It’s a win-win for both parties. 

4. Reach diverse audience 

Audience is everything. Without them, you waste time and money. With a massive and constantly growing audience, TikTok is the best place for you to advertise. 

It is no secret that the generations of digital natives conquering TikTok are Gen Zs and millennials. 

But a common misconception about the platform is that all users are within the age range of 16 to 24 years old. 

And while 41% of TikTok is made of users from this age group, this means the remaining 59% of the users are from Gen X and boomers. 

There is a very ostensible opportunity for you to advertise to millennials as they are the most active users across all social media platforms. 

However, with 59% of users outnumbering the younger generations, there is a higher probability for your brand to reach other niches and demographics through TikTok ads. 

5. Lenient  policy

Ever noticed the difference between TikTok ads and Facebook ads?

A lot of Facebook ads are unstimulating and dull. But why are TikTok ads the complete opposite?

For the most part of it, TikTok’s advertising policy is not as stringent as Facebook’s with tedious limitations, guidelines, and restriction rules. 

As TikTok is all about entertainment and enjoyment, an ad doesn’t look like an ad. 

Each ad is distinctively created to cater to the platform to give the ultimate user experience that TikTok offers to all its users.

6. Non-competitive rivalry

While Facebook and Instagram are oversaturated with a myriad types of commercials due to their size, your business is swamped with a goldmine of opportunities on TikTok. 

As TikTok is a relatively new marketing platform, you don’t have to sweat about getting your spot. 

TikTok is not nearly as saturated as Facebook and Instagram hence, there’s no intense rivalry among brands fighting over advertising slots. 

And since there are lesser ads on TikTok, it’s easier to be outstanding and reach out to your audience. 

TikTok Ads Format


As TikTok ads appear in users’ feeds, you definitely want to make effective use of them to ensure that users actively engage with your content. 

In strategizing your gameplan, there are different formats and features that you must know of when advertising on TikTok. 

1. Topview

Waste no time and catch your audience’s attention right away. 

tiktok ads malaysia

Topview ads is the ultimate incontournable spot as it appears at the top of For You page when users first open the app. 

This ad placement is perfect to showcase brand awareness objectives that can potentially leave a lasting impact on users. 

Therefore, brands should really make the most out of this space by making tremendously engaging videos as it is guaranteed to reach a high number of impressions. 

2. Brand takeover

Similar to TopView ads, Brand takeover is a full-screen and non-skippable ads delivering strong visual impact. 

Brand takeover is created for mass awareness and to drive direct sales. Below is a worldwide recognized lifestyle brand, Nike, using this format to promote one of its campaigns. 

Tiktok ads malaysia

The format of brand takeover also guarantees wide reach as the entire screen is clickable making it easy to turn users into leads and leads into prospects. 

This type of ads are short and concise with a few seconds of an image or video which allows brands to redirect traffic to a different page. 

Highly priced, brand takeover is the perfect for big brands looking for maximal exposure. 

3. Branded hashtag challenge

This engagement format is a way of engaging users for strong brand awareness that goes beyond a click. 

It encourages users to co-create the content by enabling them to participate and create content in accordance to the theme of your campaign. 

With branded hashtag challenge, it gives a unique opportunity of turning users into your (unofficial) brand ambassadors in an authentic way. 

This enables users to create content for brands at an immense scale. 

4. In-feed 

Tell brand stories with TikTok’s standard ad format, in-feed, which allows you to integrate content in users’ For You page.

In-feed ads give users the ability to engage with the content such as liking, commenting, sharing, and even filming videos within the same TikTok sounds. 

Each ad features a clickable CTA button that directs traffic towards either a) app downloads, b) your brand’s business account, or c) website. 

Take a look at how Shopee uses a clear CTA for their in-feed ads down below:

Just like any other videos of users’ For You page, this type of ads can be easily scrolled past. 

Thus, it’s important that your content should be enticing enough to stop them from skipping it. 

Ready to take off with TikTok?

Now that the astonishing pros of marketing on TikTok have been revealed, are you ready to build your own brand campaign?

With a variety of ad formats and features, determining a smart call-to-action can be unsettling. 

Whether you’re aiming to generate leads into purchasing a new product or build brand awareness, TikTok ads offer an ample of opportunities for your business to grow across Malaysia. 

There are only a few selected agencies that provide TikTok ads platform in Malaysia, many are yet to explore ways in utilizing the app.

With Bomstart Media, we are ever-ready to help you to find your groove on TikTok. Henceforth you will be able to fine-tune tangible strategies to achieve appaling results.


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